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Bikes, Birds and Binoculars
Birdwatching by e-bike

Calling all nature lovers!


Birding and e-biking make the perfect pairing - riding a bike puts you out right into the heart of nature, taking you to the places you wouldn’t otherwise see by car or walking. The coastal New Forest trails are flat and car free and the village lanes along our route are quiet and tranquil, which makes for easy and safe cycling.


Just hop aboard your retro style e-bike and follow our turn-by-turn route map and explore the stunning coastal Nature Reserves and salt marshes of Milford on Sea and Keyhaven, famed for its plethora of coastal birdlife.  Five levels of cheeky pedal assist mean all the fun of the cycle without any of the sweat!


Both beginner birders and seasoned veterans will be able to enjoy our self-guided bird lovers route and perhaps tick off a few mega-finds along the way! Take a friend and come have an unforgettable experience and explore the beautiful coastal nature reserve as you’ve never seen before!


Head straight off from our coastal bike hub for your self-guided ride, cycling the Keyhaven Nature Reserve, coastal waterways and marshes at your own leisure. Check out the Bird Hide at Sturt Pond along the route. Between The Lighthouse Restaurant and the large black shed building is a gate leading into the public Bird Hide, which looks across the 27 acre Sturt Pond local nature reserve. The Hide provides a hidden sanctuary for you to watch the birds without disturbing them. There are wintering wild geese, ducks and waders and plenty of summer birds to watch on the ‘scrape’, reedbed, grazing meadow, saltmarsh, scrub and the pond itself. What will you spot?


Your Itinerary options

Every day 1 Apr – 31 Oct


- 10:30 - 1430

- 11:00 - 15:00

- 11:30 - 15:30


What equipment do you provide?

We’ve thought of everything – we pack up each e-bike with all you need for your cycle, including: 


·Pair of binoculars 

·Coastal Bird Spotting Guide and pencil 

·Handlebar bag for your phone and keys 

·Bicycle pump


·A mobile route guidance map which takes in all the best coastal New Forest birding spots 

·One rear bike pannier per group for you to stash those all-important picnics and snacks. 

·Free parking at Jaunt-ebikes HQ throughout your ride.

·Free breakdown and recovery service during your ride

We also provide a full e-bike training and safety briefing before you set off.


About the area

Keyhaven Marshes and Nature Reserve are set within the New Forest National Park and are designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Along with the coastal trails they are a treasure trove of migratory and resident birds and wildlife. 


The Solent Way coastal tracks offer stunning views across the Solent towards the Isle of Wight and its famous Needles as well as the mudflats, where a wealth of different bird species come to feed. Large numbers of Brent Geese seek refuge here in the winter, along with Roosting Dunlin, Black-tailed Godwit and Grey Plover. The salty mud creates an idyllic habitat for plants such as yellow-horned poppy, sea campion and sea aster, and healthy fish populations make the marshes a fantastic place for sandwich and Little Terns, Black-headed Gulls, and Cormorants. Keep your eyes peeled for hunting birds of prey, including Marsh Harriers, Peregrine Falcons, and Merlins. 


What should I bring?

You may want to bring along a camera. We also suggest you dress appropriately for the weather. 



Our e-bikes give you all the pleasure without any of the sweat - meaning you can cover lots of ground with minimum effort.  And because an e-bike has pedal assist it creates a level playing field for everyone regardless of age or fitness level- so nobody is left behind! 

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