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Frequently Asked Questions


How does my E-Bike work?

Our bikes are super simple to ride and operate.  Everything you need to know about using your electric hire bike can be found here, on our handy video user guide.  You can also read a bit more about the bike specification here

Will the E-Bike fit me?

Designed to fit most heights, the Super Monkey is suitable for anybody between 5"1 and 6"2 and a minimum inside leg measurement of 29". Riders outside of these heights should contact us before booking.

What age must I be to ride an E-Bike?

The hirer making booking must be age over 18, riders must all be over the age of 16.  Riders age 14 (min legal limit) and 15 may be permitted on the understanding that they must be with a responsible adult at all times and MUST wear a helmet.

Who are E-Bikes good for?

Electric bikes are a game changer for people with varying levels of fitness they create a level playing field so that you can ride together at the same speed

Will I have to pedal? How hard is it?

Our bikes are pedal assisted, so the motor only kicks in when you pedal. But it is easy. You start off with less than one pedal rotation before a smooth transition to powered riding engages. You then control the level of assistance from 1 - a gentle helping hand - to 5 a real boost for uphill.  You can adjust the 7 levels of gears as normal. Everything you need to know about using your electric bike can be found here, on our handy video user guide 

How fast can I go?

The law in the UK limits electric bikes to 25kmh /15.5mph, you can go faster but you would need to be using pedal power!

How long does the battery last? What if I run out?

There are a number of factors such as how much effort you put in, the terrain, your weight etc.  The average is 25-45 miles per full charge. You can keep an eye on the usage display, and if you do run out you can still pedal home normally.

How do I charge the battery?

You can plug in the battery to any household plug using the supplied cable - either with the battery on the bike, or remove it and take it to the nearest socket.  It takes 5 hours to charge fully from empty and don’t worry, the cost is minimal.

What is the booking procedure?

It is simple. Follow instructions from our ‘book now’ button.  Choose the date you want to hire, the number of days (there are discounts for multi-day hire) and the collection time.  You can also adjust the number of bikes you want and add any accessories such as bags and panniers. You must pay in full and sign the online rental agreement at the time of booking.

Should I book in advance?

How does delivery and collection work?

For your car free convenience, we can bring our E-Bikes to you and the cost is included in your hire. Before you book, check with us with regards availability.

Can you deliver the bikes in one location and collect them from somewhere else?

Yes, sometimes we are able to collect from another destination within our delivery postcode areas but please call to see what is possible in advance.  

What happens if we need to cancel?

  1. Our cancellation policy is as follows, 28 days or more prior to date of rental - 100% refund, 27-8 days prior to date of rental - 80% refund, 7-3 days prior to date of rental - 50% refund, less than 3 days prior to date of rental - no refund.  The only exception is if further Government COVID 19 restrictions are put in place or extreme conditions make it unsafe to ride in which case an alternative date or full refund will be offered. Please note ALL bookings are subject to a £10 non-refundable booking fee.

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Our E-Bikes are expensive, and we ask you to look after them as if they were your own. We aren't too worried about accidental tyre damage, however, the motors do not like being submerged so please avoid the sea and deep fords and puddles. If you do damage the bike or equipment, we will charge you at a fair rate and take these costs from your the stored payment card you used when making your booking. Our full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

On every E-Bike you will find a super strong lock, and these must be used to secure the E-Bike to a fixed object whenever they are left unattended (even for the briefest of minutes).  You will see there are two keys supplied with each bike, one for the lock and one for the battery.  These are supplied by the manufacturer and are unique to each bike. If you lose either of them you will be charged £50 for replacement out of your deposit. Lost locks will be charged at £85 and lost helmets £40.

If the bike is stolen whilst adequately locked it is covered by our insurance, if it is stolen by you or due to your negligence you will be charged for the full replacement cost. 

I loved my E-bike. Can I buy it?

Yes. If you love your E-Bike and wish to buy one please do speak to us, we are delighted to be brand ambassadors for the New Forest area and as a thank you for your custom we are able to give you a discount code worth one day’s hire.  So, if you want a Jaunt-E day, everyday, please give us a call!

How will I find my way round?

There are lots of routes and map links on our website to get you on your way.

Before your jaunt, download and sign up to the free Komoot cycle navigation app at the Apple Store or Google Play. You can then follow our handy turn by turn route maps at

Which payment methods do you accept?

We take online payment by card at the time of booking. Credit Card details are held for the duration of the hire and Jaunt-E Bikes reserves the right to additionally charge your credit card should an E-bike or equipment be lost without satisfactory locking or returned late or in a damaged or unreasonable condition.

What are your conditions of hire?

·       The hirer making booking must be age over 18, riders must be aged 16 and over 
·       Two items of ID are required per party (can include a credit card and a photo ID such as a driver’s licence or passport) 
·       A security deposit per bike for the duration of the hire must be made without exception 
·       The hirer is responsible for any loss or damage

What equipment do you supply?

Our prices include a 250W Super Monkey Electric Bike (or very similar), helmet, pump, lock and a mobile mechanic backup service (9am-6pm).  Additional equipment such as bags, trailers etc are also 

available to hire or purchase.  Sorry but the design is not suitable for child seats or tag-alongs.   

We actively encourage you to wear a helmet and all bikes will be supplied with one for each rider.  If you wish to refuse this service, you will be asked to sign a waiver.  Young riders age 16 & 17 and children in trailers MUST wear a helmet. 

What Covid security measures do you have in place?

All our bikes and helmets and accessories will be thoroughly cleaned between customers using products conforming to the EN14476 standard.   After the cleaning regime everything will be stored in a well-ventilated location ensuring they are dry before the next use.  Staff will wear a face mask while dealing with your delivery and transactions, we operate a paperless system and electronic equipment such as card machines and I-pads will be wiped down between customers.   

Whilst social distance restrictions are in place staff are currently only able to help you with helmet fitting suggestions but are not currently able to carry out actual fitting.