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Guided tours

Guided e-bike tours are a smart way to explore. We will take you straight to the heart of some of the best on or off-road cycling in the New Forest. Forget the hassle of route planning, or map reading, running out of battery on your phone or getting lost! Our guides know the area inside out and take you on routes that only locals know. Which means you can put the car away and travel further and more easily than you can on a traditional bike – five levels of cheeky pedal assist means you can enjoy the freedom to stop whenever you want to explore hidden areas that are inaccessible to cars and buses. 

From gentle meandering roads through pretty villages, scenic New Forest trails and cycling alongside the coastal path and seashore – we have created the perfect rides for you!

Adventure and explore together

Bring your families and friends together and explore the best of the New Forest in the capable hands of an expert E-Bike Tour Guide who will ensure you see only the best bits and squeeze every minute out of your day.

a man and a woman enjoying a picnic algonside a Jaunt-ebikes electric bike hire experience guided tour
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Family friendly

Family friendly and suitable for all generations from age 14. Five levels of pedal assist put everyone on an equal footing (or is that pedalling?) so that Uncle Ted doesn't get left behind. An invigorating outdoor activity guaranteed to impress even the most difficult to please teens.


Head turning E-bikes, unisex and one size fits all, Guided Tours appeal to abilities and interests and are a great way to enjoy explore the region; with plenty of time dialled in to stop and sightsee, quench the thirst, browse the local attractions, or just chill with friends over a lunchtime picnic on the beach

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Electric bike experiences are ideal for getting your teams engaged; whether welcoming some newbies, building a new team, or you're looking for innovative ways to engage your people with each other and improve working relationships and performance, our retro styled E-bikes will appeal to everyone and suit all fitness levels. And the expert Tour Leader will guide you through the whole experience and take charge of all the nitty gritty so you can focus on your people

The Tours

A selection of our best of most scenic routes led by our very experienced friends at New Forest Cycling Tours. 

Coast to Forest


A half day, 18 mile tour taking in ancient coastal byways, quiet meandering New Forest bridleways and picturesque New Forest villages

Full Day Forest


Launching Spring 2023

Night ride


Launching Spring 2023

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