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Our General Terms and Conditions


When you make your online booking you will need to agree to our general Terms & Conditions:


·       Cancellation Policy:

·       Cancellation by You:

  • You can postpone, or You cancel your e-bike hire and claim a full refund (less a single £10 transaction charge) up to48 hours before Your booking. Cancellations within 48 hours of Your booking are non-refundable.  


  • Extras such as Picnics, Beer & Wine Tours are arranged with outside suppliers so are therefore not refundable in any circumstances. 


  • Cancellation by Jaunt-ebikes:

  • We retain the right to cancel Your booking due to weather safety concerns. We will offer an alternative date or a full refund (less our £10 booking fee) will be made


  • In the case of particularly bad weather, but which Jaunt-ebikes have not declared unsafe, we will always try to offer You an alternative booking time or date, however refunds will not be offered if within 48 hours of the booking.


  • Jaunt-ebikes reserve the right to cancel Picnics, Beer and Wine Tours if the supplier cancels. An alternative date or full refund will be offered in these circumstances.


·       You acknowledge that taking part in this activity involves certain inherent risks that might result in injury or loss to you, your party or others. You acknowledge that you and all members of your party have received satisfactory instruction as to the safe operation of the E-bikes and had a test ride to ensure that the bicycle is a comfortable and safe fit, and everyone is capable of riding it. The E-bikes have been supplied in a safe working condition and helmets have been provided. Therefore, you accept sole responsibility for your own safety and the safety of others in your group. Please make sure that all of your group understand these conditions of hire.


·    The person making the booking  (You/Your) must be age over 18, riders must all be over the age of 14.  Riders age 14 (min legal limit) to 17 may be permitted by on the understanding that they must be with a responsible adult at all times and MUST wear a helmet.  We reserve the right to refuse an e-bike to anyone who we deem not safe to ride it.


·    Two items of ID are required per party (can include the credit card and a photo ID such as a driver’s licence or passport)



·    You accept liability for any prosecution or claim arising from your actions during the period of hire. 


·    E-bikes and all equipment remain the property of Jaunt-E Bikes. By signing this agreement, You consent to Jaunt-E Bikes charging the cost of any loss or damage to your credit or debit card. 


·    Credit Card details are held for the duration of the hire and Jaunt-E Bikes reserves the right to additionally charge Your credit card should an E-bike or equipment be lost without satisfactory locking or returned late or in a damaged or unreasonable condition.  


·    Always lock the E-bike if You leave it.  If You leave an E-bike unattended, lock it through the frame and rear wheel to a secure object, using the lock provided. If You do not lock the bike and it is stolen You will be fully liable.


·       Helmets are included in the price of hire, and although not a legal requirement, we recommend Your whole party use them. Helmets are mandatory for riders under 18. If you wish to refuse this service, you may be asked to sign a waiver.  You acknowledge that we strongly recommend the use of safety helmets and You assume full responsibility for any accident, injury or death which should occur as a result of not wearing them. 



·    You will keep to paved roads and dedicated off-road cycle-paths or bridleways and will not use the E-bike for 'adventure mountain bike' type riding. 


·    You will not ride E-bikes through deep water. Submerging the motor is strictly prohibited and damage caused to the bike will be Your financial liability


·    You will use the E-bike in a responsible, safe way, keeping to the rules of the road. You will not engage in racing, pace-making, time trials or speed testing. 


·    You will not lend the E-bike to anyone. 


·    You will bring the E-bike back by the time agreed, if you have a problem please call us.  The late return of a bicycle will be charged at £10 per hour.  More than 12 hours and the E-bike will be assumed stolen and the police informed. If You wish to return the E-bikes early, please let us know so we can arrange to meet You.  


·    Lost keys will be charged at £50 per set. Lost locks will be charged at £85 and lost helmets £40.


·    You must report any problems or damage on return to the Jaunt-E Bikes representative.


·       Our equipment: 

Our prices include a 250W Super Monkey Electric Bike (or very similar), helmet, pump, lock and a mobile mechanic backup service (10am-4pm).  Additional equipment such as bags, trailers etc are also available to hire or purchase.


·       ​Delivery and collection: 

If You would like to take advantage of our free Door2Door delivery, please email us first to check availability as it cannot be guaranteed. We have a limited number of slots for morning delivery and afternoon collection within a 12-mile radius of Milford on Sea.


·       You confirm ALL your party are competent cyclists. You recognise You will be riding cycles which You may not be familiar with and as such  will exercise additional care and attention. Jaunt-ebikes lends cycles on the understanding that EVERY rider can use power assisted pedal assist function and gears properly. 

·       You understand that in the event of mechanical failure, refunds are only given per E-bike (not group) and only if we could not restore the journey or allow extra time to complete the ride. Refunds CANNOT BE GIVEN for punctured tyres or damage caused to gears as a result of incorrect use. You accept responsibility for E-bike damage caused by incorrect use of equipment and that the nature of any off-road cycling makes this a possibility.

·       You acknowledge that safe cycling is dependent on alertness and good judgement.  You and your party will not cycle under the undue influence of alcohol or drugs.  You will cycle sensibly, with respect for others and the natural habitat. You are expected to follow the Highway Code and New Forest Cycling Code. 


·       Cycling can be dangerous and has risks involved. You declare yourself and Your party to be in good health and not be suffering from any medical condition or disability which is likely to adversely affect normal control of the E-bike. 


·       You agree that You and Your party will not undertake any manoeuvres which are beyond Your level of skill or beyond the design purposes of the equipment provided. 


·       You agree that You and Your party will not ride on pavements or footpaths and keep to the Official Cycle Network within the National Park. A £500 fine may be levied against You by officers of the Forestry Commission for damage caused to land or livestock off the permitted cycle network. Please note the whole of the New Forest has SSSI status. 


·       You understand that in the event of a mechanical failure other than punctures, Jaunt-ebikes will offer a breakdown service for the cycle but not the individual (due to insurance constraints) between the hours of 10am and 4pm.

·       You fully indemnify Jaunt-ebikes against claims of injury to Yourself, Your group or any third party unless it can be proven that Jaunt-ebikes did not fulfil reasonable maintenance procedures for the equipment being used. 

This Agreement is covered by English Law. In the event that any part of the Agreement is for any reason unenforceable the remainder shall remain in full force and effect

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