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What’s all the fuss about e-bikes?

Updated: May 1, 2022

Well we're biased, obviously! But we love them! Hiring an electric bike has become really popular for very good reason - whether you’re new to cycling or are already a regular rider, here are our top reasons for putting a little oomph into your pedal this Summer!

1. You can go further – the sky is the limit really. There’s no reason to cut short your trip or avoid the hills. And what’s more the further you go the more exercise you’re doing – you may be burning 30% fewer calories per miles compared to a normal bike, but if you’re travelling twice as far as you would on a non e-bike then fitness gains are pretty similar.

2. Explore new places – battery range (our have up to 40 miles per charge) enables you to be more adventurous and take in places further afield, while five levels of pedal assistance will help you get up climbs and into terrain that you might not have been able to reach before. Our favourite cycle route takes in a whopping 24 miles of coastal tracks, off road woodlands trails and New Forest country lanes. It’ a breeze on an e-bike – check it out here

3. Sweat less. You can still get an aerobic workout but its less stress on your muscles and heart. And lots of fun.

4. Your head will be happy. Exercise is great for our endorphins, and the more they flow, the happier and less anxious you’ll feel. You’ll probably sleep better too after all the fresh air and exercise.

5. You’re doing your bit for the environment. Every time you put the car away you’re reducing your carbon footprint, reducing pollution, freeing up a car parking space for someone who really needs it and relieving pressure on busy roads and routes. Mother Nature says, thank you!

As part of our sustainability pledge we offer free Door2Doordelivery so that you can put your car away completely – find out more here

6. You’ll see more. Electric bikes are a quiet way to get around, enabling you to relax and enjoy your surroundings without disturbing the local wildlife. You’re likely to get up close to some of the famed local New Forest wildlife and find all sorts the special places that your car just can’t. The New Forest cycle maps here will point you in the direction of all the best viewing spots

7. It’s a great equaliser. It doesn’t matter that your group has varying levels of fitness – an e-bike levels the playing field and gives everybody the same power. The whole family can come along and enjoy it equally. Uncle Ted won’t get left behind!

8. They are simply, great fun. We promise to eat our hats if you come back from one of our jaunts without a huge grin on your face!!

Want to find out what all the fuss is about? Book here

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